Saison 3.9: The Prize

La Ligue des Justiciers : Nouvelle Génération (2010-...)

Modérateurs: Spider-Fan, Hadès, Capitaine Albator, Superman, Benco

Saison 3.9: The Prize

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Le 12 septembre 2020, plusieurs acteurs de la série se sont retrouvés en conférence virtuelle pour "Young Justice Cast & Producer Panel" pour l'événement DC FanDome, pendant lequel ils ont enregistré un épisode, "The Prize", considéré comme la saison 3.9 de la série.

J'en ai fait un transcript (avec 2-3 zones où je ne suis pas trop sûre).
COMPUTER: Happy Harbor February 23, 14:16 EST
LUCAS CARR: It was a crisp clear day, a perfect day for a barbecue among friends, and for a farewell party. Conner and Megan came downstairs from the apartment above my garage which I’d been renting to them, since the day they graduated college and moved in together. Now in a couple days, they’ll be off for the biggest adventure of their lives.
LUCAS CARR: Hi Megan, Conner!
CONNER Kent: Need any help with the food?
FORAGER: Forager and Lucas Carr do not need help with the food from Megan Morse or/and Conner Kent. Megan Morse and Conner Kent are guests of honor at this event. Megan Morse and Conner Kent will not have to lift finger or pincer to help Forager and Lucas Carr. (Bruitage)
LUCAS CARR: I think he means we got you covered.
FORAGER: Forager said as much.
LUCAS CARR: Uh who’s coming, by the way?
MEGAN MORSE: Just the Team Year Zero crew
CONNER Kent: Yeah, we didn’t want the invite list getting out of hand. Limiting it to the original nine… well, uh, eight… seemed like a nice clean cutoff.
MEGAN MORSE: Minus Dick, who is on another of his top-secret sabbaticals, and Zatanna who’s training her protégés.
FORAGER: Yes, minus Dick Grayson and Zatanna Zatara. But, plus Lian Nguyen-Harper and Amistad Ervin. Forager has been engaged to act as Lian Nguyen-Harper and Amistad Ervin’s official babysitter for the day. Though, neither Lian Nguyen-Harper nor Amistad Ervin are actual babies. (Bruitages) Perhaps larvae-sitter is the more appropriate term.
CONNER Kent: Or perhaps not..?
COMPUTER: Recognized Tigress B07. Red Arrow 21. Lian Nguyen-Harper A28.
ARTEMIS: Hey guys!
MEGAN MORSE: Artemis! Will!
FORAGER: Hello Lian Nguyen-Harper!
WILL HARPER: Sorry Forager. Lian’s in a bit of a mood… it’s like she decided to come to this party without her voice.
FORAGER: Forager wishes Violet Harper were here to help get Lian Nguyen-Harper to speak.
WILL HARPER: Don’t worry Forager, if anyone can change her mood, you can. You are her favorite larvae-sitter.
FORAGER: Oh! (bruitages heureux) Ahah!
CONNER Kent: Larvae-sitter? Really? Is that a thing now?
WILL HARPER: Hey brother!
CONNER Kent: Hey Will! Really glad you could make it!
WILL HARPER: Are you kidding?! I should be thanking you! Gave me an excuse to ditch out on an incredibly boring Bowhunter Security gig.
CONNER Kent: Oooh! Who got stuck with it?
WILL HARPER: My brothers. Oh, and the new guy.
LUCAS CARR: Will and Conner laughed about sticking their fellow genomorphs with the dull job. But pretty soon, no one will be laughing.
FORAGER: Because on the other side of the country, forces were gathering.
LUCAS CARR: Wait a minute, who’s narrating this story? Me or you?
FORAGER: Forager thanks Lucas Carr for Lucas Carr’s service. But Forager will take Lucas Carr’s story from here. Oh, and Forager will also suggest that Lucas Carr check Lucas Carr’s grill. (Bruitage) Forager smells smoke.
LUCAS CARR: Wait what? My burgers!
FORAGER: As Forager was saying, forces were gathering.

COMPUTER: Star City February 23, 11:19 PST
FORAGER: Roy Harper, Jim Haprer and new guy Harlan Matthews were wearing Bowhunter Security uniforms and guarding the shipment of WayneTech hardware, destined for the new WayneTech skyscraper in Star City.
ROY HARPER: See Jim, I knew when Will stuck us with this gig, he would set new standards for boredom. I honestly think he does this to us on purpose.
JIM HARPER: Hey, it’s HIS company Roy.
ROY HARPER: We each own 25%!
JIM HARPER: And he owns 50! Get over it!
HARLAN MATTHEWS: At least you guys have ownership. Right now I don’t even have enough scratch to own a cat.
ROY HARPER: Did you “want” a cat?
HARLAN MATTHEWS: So not the point.
JIM HARPER: What is your point, uh… Harlan? I mean, you have a job. A chance to start over, new City, new life, clean slate.
HARLAN MATTHEWS: Oh, sorry Jim, are we being serious now? I thought we were just grousting, ‘cause yeah, actually, I am incredibly grateful.
ROY HARPER: No, you were right, we were just grousting.
HARLAN MATTHEWS: Oh cool! In that case: this gig sucks, eh!
ROY HARPER: Argh! See! Told ya!
FORAGER: Jim Harper rolled Jim Harper’s eyes, unaware that on the roof across the way, the previously mentioned gathering forces, had gathered.
BRICK: Not these guys again! You know them? Bowhunter Security. They’re the most pain-in-the-ass rent-a-cops on the planet!
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Ah, get a grip Brick! You really think that a spogged-basement mercs are gonna fight for the prize when they see the likes of this crew?
TUPPENCE TERROR: I hate to admit it, but Boomerang’s right. This is the easiest gig that Waller’s ever handed us.
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: See? Tuppence here knows what I’m talking about!
TUPPENCE TERROR: That’s Miss Terror to you! Now step back. I swear you’re worse than Icicle Junior!
BLACK MANTA: Agreed Mallah. We do not want to get overconfident. As distasteful as it is, we have a job to do. And Black Manta will claim his prize.

FORAGER: Meanwhile (bruitage) back in Happy Harbor.
COMPUTER: Recognized Aquaman 27.
FORAGER: Kaldur’ahm had arrived and joined the party.
LUCAS CARR: OK, burgers are a little charred, but still tasty so I can take over the storytelling.
FORAGER: Lucas Carr can take over the storytelling, because Lucas Carr has already prepared vegan alternatives for-

COMPUTER: Recognized Rocket 26. Amistad Ervin A29.
LUCAS CARR: My veggie burgers!
FORAGER: Forager sees no veggie burgers.
LUCAS CARR: I left them in the fridge! I-I’ll be right back!
FORAGER: Ahem. As Forager was saying, back in Happy Harbor, the party continued.

ARTEMIS: So when do you guys actually leave?
MEGAN MORSE: Tuesday. Morning. It’s a long trip so we want to get an early start.
ARTEMIS: And Gar’s going with you?
MEGAN MORSE: Uh-uh. Uncle J’onn too. And Bio-Ship, of course.
KALDUR’AHM: This long trip has been a long time coming, my friend.
CONNER Kent: Don’t have to tell me!
ARTEMIS: Please. We all knew this would happen eventually.
KALDUR’AHM: I believe most of us knew before Conner did.
CONNER Kent: And it’s not at all like you guys haven’t enjoyed reminding me of that fact for the last ten years.
WILL HARPER: Oh, oh we’ve enjoyed it! Trust me.
RAQUEL ERVIN: I am so happy for you both! (rires)
MEGAN MORSE: And I’m so happy you’re here!
RAQUEL ERVIN: Wouldn’t miss it.
FORAGER: Raquel Ervin, Megan Morse, Artemis Crock, Kaldur’ahm, Will Harper and Conner Kent were indeed missing something. (bruitages) Something important in Star City that began with the flight of a simple boomerang that just flew through an open window and thumped into a wall. THUNK.
ROY HARPER: A boomerang! Get down!
FORAGER: The boomerang exploded, knocking Jim Harper, Roy Harper and Harlan Matthews off Jim Harper, Roy Harper and Harlan Matthews’s feet.
FORAGER: Simultaneously, two steel-reinforced doors were smashed in at two ends of the warehouse by Tuppence Terror and Brick.
TUPPENCE TERROR/BRICK: (bruit d’effort)
ROY HARPER: They’re trying to steal the WayneTech tech!
JIM HARPER: I thought you said this gig was boring?
HARLAN MATTHEWS: Well not anymore!
MONSIEUR MALLAH: (bruits de singe)
FORAGER: Monsieur Mallah entered next, firing a gatling gun.
HARLAN MATTHEWS: Boomerangs, gatling guns! That monkey brought an arsenal!
ROY HARPER: He’s not the only one.
FORAGER: Roy Harper returned fire with Roy Harper’s cybernetic arm. Piou! Piou-piou! Providing cover for Jim Harper to advance.
JIM HARPER: I’ve got Brick!
BRICK: You think so? Try me!
HARLAN MATTHEWS: Do I cut loose?
ROY HARPER: Save it, the gorilla’s the only one with a brain. We can handle these three.
BLACK MANTA: But you do not face three alone.
FORAGER: Black Manta blasted Roy Harper, zap! Zap! With Black Manta’s eye beams.
BLACK MANTA: Boomerang!
FORAGER: Captain Boomerang entered behind Black Manta, throwing three boomerangs that stuck Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! in the ground on three sides of Harlan Matthews.
BLACK MANTA: Activate desiccation field.
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Way ahead of you, boss!
FORAGER: A bizarre electric field sprung up from the boomerangs around Harlan Matthews Bzzzzzz
HARLAN MATTHEWS: (cri de douleur)
FORAGER: Before the eyes of the Harper brothers, Captain Boomerang’s desiccation field appeared to drain all of the moisture (bruit de suction) from Harlan Matthews’s body.
ROY HARPER: Cut loose! Cut loose!

HARLAN MATTHEWS: You like (bruits de douleur)
FORAGER: Harlan Matthews rapidly withered to a dusty husk, finally collapsing like sand between the three boomerangs.
BRICK: Took your eyes off the prize, rent-a-dork! (bruit d’effort, coup de poing)
JIM HARPER: (bruit reçoit le coup de poing)
TUPPENCE TERROR: Oh this one’s no better (bruit coup de poing)
ROY HARPER: (bruit reçoit coup de poing)
FORAGER: Distracted by Harlan Matthew apparent demise, Roy Harper and Jim Harper were quickly dispatched into unconsciousness. (bruitages)
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Guess the party’s over. All that’s left is the clean-up.
BLACK MANTA: Indeed. Mallah?
FORAGER: Hoisting Monsieur Mallah’s weapon over Monsieur Mallah’s shoulder, Monsieur Mallah engaged a sophisticated vacuum cleaner, that quickly sucked up (bruits de suction) all that remained of Harlan Matthews.
BLACK MANTA: Finished?
MONSIEUR MALLAH: (bruits de singe)
BLACK MANTA: Then the prize is ours. Let us be off.
TUPPENCE TERROR: What about these two?
BLACK MANTA: Leave them. They are of no consequence now.
FORAGER: And so, Black Manta departed with Captain Boomerang, Tuppence Terror, Brick, Monsieur Mallah and, a container filled with Harlan Matthews’s remains (bruitages) leaving Roy Harper and Jim Harper unconscious, on the cement floor.
ROY HARPER: (bruits à peine conscients)

FORAGER: And, in Happy Harbor…
LUCAS CARR: My fruit punch!
FORAGER: Yes, Amistad Ervin and Lian Nguyen-Harper wanted to see how much potato salad would be required to overflow Lucas Carr’s punch bowl.
LUCAS CARR: My potato salad! Forager, you’re supposed to be watching these kids!
FORAGER: Forager did watch Amistad Ervin and Lian Nguyen-Harper. Amistad Ervin and Lian Nguyen-Harper’s potato salad experiment seemed to be a worthwhile educational endeavor: exploring the displacement of liquids.
LUCAS CARR: We’re gonna need more punch, potato salad and napkins. I’ll be right back!
FORAGER: Lucas Carr will be back and Forager will continue the story! (bruitages) Amistad Ervin approached Will Harper pointing at Will Harper’s abdomen.

AMISTAD ERVIN: You have a baby in there!
WILL HARPER: (rires) No, Amistad! No baby, I’ve just put on a little weight.
RAQUEL ERVIN: I’m so sorry! He has no filter!
WILL HARPER: Eh! I’m literally a miracle of modern science and I still can’t find a cure for my dad bod.
ARTEMIS: Mh, I think you know the cure.
WILL HARPER: I think you know you live under my roof rent-free.
ARTEMIS: Let’s just blame Cadmus then, shall we?
ROY HARPER: Bowhunter Two to Bowhunter One.
WILL HARPER: This is Bowhunter One. What’s wrong, Roy? Job not holding your interest?
ROY HARPER: We were hit. By five serious meta-felons.
ROY HARPER: Jim and I are banged up but fine.
WILL HARPER: Thank God. Did they steal the hardware?
ROY HARPER: They weren’t after the hardware. They were after Harlan.
FORAGER: Simultaneously, the Manta flyer was soaring south-east across the United States of America. Inside, Monsieur Mallah emptied what remained of Harlan Matthews into a clear pod.
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: What now, Monkey-boy?
MONSIEUR MALLAH: (bruits de singe)
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Am I supposed to know what that means?
TUPPENCE TERROR: You’re supposed to know that a gorilla ain’t a monkey.
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Yeah, yeah. “Why don’t we”(?) get one of them thought to speech boxes like Brain and the Ultra-Humanite use?
BRICK: Then he might have to converse with the likes of you.
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Uff! Don’t see you translating!
TUPPENCE TERROR: I recon he just said something along the lines of “just add water”.
FORAGER: Monsieur Mallah opened a tank and water poured into the pod, mixing with the desiccated remains of Harlan Matthews.
BRICK: it’s working.
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Ya think? He still looks pretty dead to me!
FORAGER: Water and the corpse’s dust swirled about, swish, swish-
FORAGER: Creating a consistency of grey-brown mud. Or if not mud…
HARLAN MATTHEWS: (cris de douleur)
MONSIEUR MALLAH: (bruits de singe)
TUPPENCE TERROR: And I recon that gorilla grunt means “what did I tell you?”.
BRICK: Yeah. Either that, or “welcome aboard, Harlan Matthews, a.k.a Matthew Hagen, a.k.a. Clayface”.
CLAYFACE: Why? Why did you take me?
CONNER Kent: Wait a minute, wait a minute. You had Clayface working for you?
WILL HARPER: He was trying to go straight.
MEGAN MORSE: It’s true. Ever since Robin freed him from Mad Hatter’s mind control, Matt Hagen had expressed a desire to turn over a new leaf.
CONNER Kent: Wait, you knew about this?
MEGAN MORSE: I did. But I was helping to treat him, which made him a client, which meant I couldn’t break confidence… Hagen’s therapist and case worker at Arkham had come to believe that he was sincere. So, Batman brought me in. Hagen agreed to a psychic scan and I concurred his rehabilitation was most likely sincere.
ARTEMIS: Most likely?
MEGAN MORSE: Well, I can’t be 100% sure but I thought it was worth the risk. If we could get him out away from the factors and influences that contributed to his life of crime-
RAQUEL ERVIN: Which I’m guessing meant getting him out of Gotham and into a steady job at Bowhunter Security.
WILL HARPER: Exactly. And he’s been a model employee ever since!
KALDUR’AHM: Who did Roy say abducted him?
WILL HARPER: Tuppence Terror, Brick, Monsieur Mallah, Captain Boomerang and… well…
ARTEMIS: Oh, no…
KALDUR’AHM: Father. Black Manta.
RAQUEL ERVIN: That’s an eclectic group.
KALDUR’AHM: That is Task Force X. Also known as Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad.
CONNER Kent: Aren’t all those guys supposed to be in Belle Reve prison?
ARTEMIS: They still are. But Waller runs a covert government metahuman operation out of Belle Reve’s basement, using convicted meta-felons to do her bidding.
KALDUR’AHM: And we can assume she wants to add Clayface to her ranks.
FORAGER: Clayface transformed Clayface’s fists into giant stone hammers and slammed them boom! Boom! Against the glass of Clayface’s pod.
CLAYFACE: (cris d’effort).
FORAGER: But Clayface’s efforts amounted to no effort at all. The pod did not even crack.
CLAYFACE: Ah, man! I was out! Out of Arkham! Out of the game! Out of the life! But you just pulled me back in!
BLACK MANTA: You have Amanda Waller to thank for that.
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: I wouldn’t bother. She never says “you’re welcome”.
BLACK MANTA: It seems she disapproved of Arkham Asylum’s leniency. Especially with an operative of your potential… value.
CLAYFACE: So I get used again?! Weren’t Simon Stagg and Mad Hatter bad enough?
BRICK: Those two are sweethearts compared to Waller.
TUPPENCE TERROR: She’s the worst!
CLAYFACE: If you hate her so much, why work for her?
BLACK MANTA: For the time being, we have no choice.
RAQUEL ERVIN: Wait a minute, wait a minute! Amanda Waller is releasing unrepentant meta-criminals into the world?! How does she control them?
KALDUR’AHM: That is unclear. She spoke of carrots and sticks but refused to elaborate.
MEGAN MORSE: But how does that matter? Right now, we have to help Matt Hagen!
ARTEMIS: Well, the good news is, we knows where they’re headed. Belle Reve’s ???.
KALDUR’AHM: The bad news is, if they succeed in getting Clayface into the prison, we have little chance of getting him out.
KALDUR’AHM: The United States government sponsors Waller, and will not acknowledge her operation’s existence.
CONNER Kent: Then we out them to the world.
KALDUR’AHM: We cannot. Waller knows the Team’s secrets, and has threaten to reveal them.
CONNER Kent: Let her! I mean I’m no fan of Clayface, but our secrets aren’t worth keeping. Not at the expense of a man’s freedom.
MEGAN MORSE: God I love you…
RAQUEL ERVIN: God I hate the US prison system.
KALDUR’AHM: My point is: we agreed to have a-a pact of mutual non-aggression with Waller. We can’t defy that. We can’t even mount a covert mission of the Team, without prior approval from the League.
ARTEMIS: And by the time that we get that, assuming we get that, Clayface will already be at Waller’s mercy behind Belle Reve’s walls.
CONNER Kent: So we have to intercept them before they get behind those walls.
KALDUR’AHM: But not as the Team. Not in costume.
WILL HARPER: There’s another solution. There’s no non-aggression pact between Amanda Waller and Bowhunter Security. So if I paid you each a dollar, took you on as temps…
ARTEMIS: That’s pretty thin.
WILL HARPER: Very thin.
RAQUEL ERVIN: Forager, will you watch the kids?
FORAGER: (bruitages) Forager will be happy to continue watching Amistad Ervin and Lian Nguyen-Harper.
RAQUEL ERVIN: Then I am just fine with it.
CONNER Kent: Me too.
MEGAN MORSE: Me three.
ARTEMIS: I’m in.
KALDUR’AHM: It seems we have a plan.
FORAGER: And so, minutes later, after a wardrobe shipment via Zeta-tube from Star City to Happy Harbor, Kaldur’ahm, Conner Kent, Megan Morse, Artemis Crock, Raquel Ervin and Will Harper were all dressed in Bowhunter Security uniforms and (bruitages) climbing aboard Bowhunter Security’s newest rented vehicle-
MEGAN MORSE: Bio-Ship is ready. Belle Reve, here we come…

FORAGER: Fortunately, Forager’s friend Bio-Ship traveled faster over a shorter distance, beating the Manta flyer to Louisiana.
LUCAS CARR: OK, I’m back with more napkins, more punch and more potato salad… My party! Where is everyone?!
FORAGER: Kaldur’ahm, Conner Kent, Megan Morse, Artemis Crock, Will Harper and Raquel Ervin departed with an offer of… gainful employment.
LUCAS CARR: Wait, they were offered what now?
FORAGER: Forager will tell Lucas Carr the story.

MEGAN MORSE: Bio-Sip is camouflaged and locked-in to the Manta flyer. Do I engage?
KALDUR’AHM: Do not look at me for guidance. This is a Bowhunter operation.
WILL HARPER: Then I say: open fire!
FORAGER: Bio-Ship fired on the Manta flyer, bringing the Manta flyer down over-
COMPUTER: Bayou Bartholomew February 23, 16:16 CST
BLACK MANTA: Engines out. Stabilizers failing. Brace yourselves. We’re going down.
Dans le Manta flyer (bruits de personnes subissant l‘impact)
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Ay! This lousy tub is sinking!
BLACK MANTA: Alright move! Hatch is open, grab Clayface’s pod.
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Are you kiddin’? I’m not drownin’ in some swamp! It’s every man for himself!
TUPPENCE TERROR: You wanna tell The Wall you lost her prize?
BRICK: Then help. Disconnect those wires before we’re all electrocuted. Tuppence and I do the heavy lifting.
FORAGER: Minutes later, Task Force X was waist-deep in swamp buck (bruitages) Tuppence Terror and Brick held Clayface’s pod over their heads.
CLAYFACE: Come on, guys! Just let me out! You can say you lost me in the mud!
BRICK: Sorry ‘Face, Waller would know.
TUPPENCE TERROR: Is that the prison?
BLACK MANTA: Yes. I estimate we’re four miles away.
BRICK: So, is she sending Flagg? Anyone?
BLACK MANTA: She says all other transports are…out on missions. We are on our own.
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: So we have to hoof it four miles through a swamp carrying that thing?
TUPPENCE TERROR: Excuse me? Who’s carryin’ it?
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Ay, Sheila, I was thinkin’ of you!
TUPPENCE TERROR: Don’t call me Sheila, you dink!
MONSIEUR MALLAH: (bruitages de singe)
BLACK MANTA: Mallah is right. Enough arguing. Have you forgotten then an unknown enemy brought down the flyer? We need to be on alert.
CONNER Kent: Oh it’s too late for that! You’re surrounded.
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Who the hell are you guys?
WILL HARPER: Bowhunter Security. Always on point.
BRICK: I told you! Didn’t I tell you?!
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Rent-a-cops? Traveled cross-country to get their guy back?!
BLACK MANTA: Those aren’t rent-a-cops. That is my son.
KALDUR’AHM: Hello, Father. Please surrender Clayface and we can end this peacefully.
BLACK MANTA: That I cannot do.
WILL HARPER: Then let ‘em have it, gang!
FORAGER: And so the fight was on. Tuppence Terror and Brick dropped Clayface’s pod, which sank. Glou-glou-glou. down into the bog, with Clayface still inside.
CLAYFACE: Hey! Let me out! Let me out!
MEGAN MORSE: I’ll get Clayface!
FORAGER: Security Officer Megan Morse density-shifted her way down, while Security Officer Conner Kent traded blows with Brick.

(bruits de combat)
FORAGER: Security Officer Raquel Ervin trapped Tuppence Terror inside a force-field bubble.
TUPPENCE TERROR: This thing can’t hold me! (frappe la bulle)
RAQUEL ERVIN: Yeah girl, you keep on punchin’! I’m sure you’ll be out of there in no time. (ricane)
FORAGER: Security Officer Artemis Crock faced off against Monsieur Mallah.
ARTEMIS: Come on Mallah. How many times have your guys and my guys done this dance for the last ten years, and how many times have you lost? You’re too smart to prolong this for no reason. I mean, look around. You might as well throw down your weapons and surrender.
MONSIEUR MALLAH: (bruits de singe)
FORAGER: Security Chief Will Harper took aim at Captain Boomerang.
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: A security guard? That uses a bow and arrow? What were you, president of the Green Arrow fan club?
WILL HARPER: You have no idea. Besides, you’re using boomerangs!
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Oi! Boomerangs are way cooler than arrows!
WILL HARPER: Says who?
WILL HARPER: OK, you got me there. I’ll trade the bow and arrow, for this.
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: What? A clipboard?
WILL HARPER: My favorite clipboard.
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Oh, you’re just a nutter! What are you gonna do? Slap me with it? And look at you: you really think you’re ready for this fight, Captain Beer-belly?
WILL HARPER: Uh, rude!
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Oh, what’re you gonna do? Cry? Or call out for pizza?
FORAGER: Will Harper threw his clipboard.
FORAGER: then used the distraction to clock Captain Boomerang with an uppercut.
WILL HARPER: And stay down!
FORAGER: Meanwhile, Security Officer Kaldur’ahm confronted his father, Black Manta.
KALDUR’AHM: Someday I will learn how Amanda Waller has turned the mighty Black Manta into her puppet.
BLACK MANTA: Look who’s talking! It was bad enough to see you in Aquaman’s uniform, now you dress like a common mall cop. Have you no dignity?
KALDUR’AHM: I wear my dignity on the inside, Father. Where do you keep yours?
BLACK MANTA: (enragé)
FORAGER: The conflict raged on for some time. (bruitages) but Forager will save time by cutting straight to the end of the chase.
BLACK MANTA: (assommé)
KALDUR’AHM: That helmet offers consistently less protection than you seem to think, Father.
FORAGER: That just left Brick, who still was battling toe to toe with Conner Kent.
(combat entre Brick et Conner)
FORAGER: But when Brick realized he was now surrounded by the entire Bowhunter Security squad.
BRICK: I told them you guys were pains! They just wouldn’t listen!
WILL HARPER: You surrender?
BRICK: Yeah, I surrender!
CONNER Kent: Wait, where’s M’gann? How long has she been down there?
MEGAN MORSE: Here I come!
FORAGER: Megan Morse erupted out of the water, telekinetically towing Clayface in Clayface’s pod. The adventure was over. Except for the clean-up.
WILL HARPER: Ah hello? Warden Economos? This is Will Harper calling from Bowhunter Security. We’re down in the bayou with meta-felons who somehow escaped from your whelmingly inescapable prison.

FORAGER: Soon (bruitages) the Bowhunter team was back at the party.
LUCAS CARR: OK, I can take over the story from here.
FORAGER: Lucas Carr could take over the story, if Lucas Carr weren’t otherwise needed to burn more hamburgers on Lucas Carr’s grill.
LUCAS CARR: I think we have plenty of-
FORAGER: There are more guests! Clayface is here now.
LUCAS CARR: I don’t think he even eats food anymore.
FORAGER: No, but-

COMPUTER: Recognized Arsenal B25. Guardian A45.
FORAGER: If Roy Harper and Jim Harper go hungry, then Lucas Carr will lose-
LUCAS CARR: My reputation as a good host!
FORAGER: Forager agrees. (bruitages)

CLAYFACE: I can’t believe you rescued me.
RAQUEL ERVIN: They don’t call us the good guys for nothing!
CLAYFACE: Well, it means something.
KALDUR’AHM: And you are perhaps interested in joining the Justice League?
CLAYFACE: Nah, I already have a job.
WILL HARPER: Bowhunter Security.
CLAYFACE: Always on point!
WILL HARPER: Speaking of jobs, who’s watching the WayneTech hardware?
JIM HARPER: Um, we figured it was safe enough, I mean, there was one heist there already. Lightning doesn’t strike twice!
WILL HARPER: Yeah, but crooks do!
ROY HARPER: Oh, come on, bro! That gig was even too boring for you!
ARTEMIS: You know Roy, if the day job’s too dull, you can always get an adrenalin fix by rejoining the Team.
ROY HARPER: (ricane) Nightwing kicked me off the Team, remember?
ARTEMIS: Yeah, but Nightwing’s not here. And in any case, he doesn’t lead the Team anymore, I do. And I’ve seen how you’ve grown over the last few years. I’d love to have Arsenal back.
ROY HARPER: You know what? You’re on!
FORAGER: And that ends Forager’s tale of the Suicide Squad versus Bowhunter Security. (bruitages). Only one thing remained.
RAQUEL ERVIN: Ladies and gentlemen! Let’s not forget why we’re here! A toast to the happy couple as we wish them “bon voyage” on their next great adventure!
TOUS: Hear, hear!
MEGAN MORSE: Thanks everyone! You don’t know how much your love and support has meant to me. To both of us! Over the last ten years…
CONNER Kent: Yeah, seriously, your friendship, that’s the real prize.
FORAGER: Never the end… (bruitages) ah ah!
Batman is like a wolf in that people think of him as being this lone hunter but he’s actually a pack animal (x)
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