May 31, 2020, Sunday, 151

Discuter:Le Chat et la Souris (1re partie)

De La Tour des Héros.

From Animato

"I use that as a example of how to board, when we hire people." said Altieri. "It has all my tricks in it. Lame animation, but the board's good."

Altieri called for an almost impossible bit of animation, a great scene where the Red Claw is briefing her men with a slide show staged so she moves in front of the projected images during the briefing. "In cartoons if you want lines to bend over characters, it's not a trick, it's real animation," said Altieri. "You shouldn't do it. The chances of it working are astronomical, but I went for it anyway, and they did it! They blew so many other simpler things, and this they pulled off."


Mauser avait avancé Guillemin pour le réceptionniste, quelqu'un peut vérifier ?